Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
DVD Excslusive
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

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Making and recording music is a fun and rewarding experience. The only prerequisites to this tutorial are having a computer and and the willingness to learn. You don't even have to know how to read or play an instrument, most hit producers and film composers don't even know music theory.

Guitar, Beat, Drum, Bass, Synth, Effect, Complete Guitar Effect
All Amplifier, Sound Effect, Mixer, Orchestra, All About Music

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WebHostingFan: Webhosting News for Your Web and Blog

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Are you looking for information about hosting a web site or blog hosting? Are you looking for a web site hosting service? or do you want to know the best reviews of web hosting providers? Web hosting is a service sought by the webmasters and bloggers today. this is to show site or blog they look more professional in the visitors. because the visitor is king for your site or blog. I know the site where you can get about it all, Web hosting industry news, latest trends, reviews of the best web hosting providers, and the best web host awards. This website, that lists the top web hosting guide and services with ratings and reviews for each.

At you not only get information about the web hosting news, latest trends, reviews of the best web hosting providers, and the best web host awards, but also tips for your blog or website, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Paypal for your online business, is also about content management system (CMS), like drupal, joomla, wordpress and e commerce, And do not forget too, there is also information about domain like GoDaddy. so, what are you waiting for? go to and get a lot of information over there and enjoy your days with our visitors.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Web Design SEO and Traffic

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Web Design SEO and Traffic

Step 1 - Download Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

Step 2 - Type content in your favourite word processor. You can later modify content off-line and just copy and paste the new content of your website.

Step 3 - Copy content into your pages (Remember your feedback, order or contact form) - With Joomla, you can create an online form.

Step 4 - If your want to earn revenue, paste the affiliate or adsense code into your website where you want them to appear. (Have a look at Google Adsense, Offerforge and Trafficsynergy) - I like to use affiliate programs that has a bullet-proof tracking system.

Step 5 - Import your analytics code in the pages you want to track. Register at

Step 6 - Create your meta tags. (Remember Title, Heading, Keyword Content, Description and Robots) - Download the WEB CEO version from if you are not sure. They offer a Free software version for you to check and create meta tags.

Step 7 - Test your website in all the different screen resolutions 800 * 600, 1048 * 768 etc. Test your website in all the types of browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

Step 8 - Decide on a hosting service provider and choose domain name and hosting option (Php and MySql must be enabled) - Remember the target audience - If it is world wide, register a .com domain or just in south africa, register a domain. Your hosting service will provide you with the ftp settings.
Things to look at when choosing a hosting provider
Do they offer php, mysql, FrontPage server extensions, the total web space, sub-domains, server uptime (Must be 99%), control panel, number of email addresses and Important - Telephonic Support or a messaging or support system - This must be included in your hosting option -
You can now start comparing the prices - I have just mentioned the important features what I use.

Step 9 - Publish your website via ftp. (I use

Step 10 - Go to your Google adwords account and create your ad. You can also download the Adwords Editor which will enable you to work off-line on you campaigns.

Step 11 - Run your ad at R5 per day budget. (Total budget of R250.00 to start it off = (50 days campaign) - This will give you about 500 targeted visitors if your ad is setup correctly. [KEYWORDS] - Be specific. Don't waste your website traffic. Target customers specifically surfing for your product or service.

Step 12 - Go to your Google analytics account and setup your website, goals and funnels - The final goal usually the checkout page of your website. This will enable you to make changes to your website according your website visitors behavior.

Step 13 - Log into your webmaster tools account - setup your website and verify your website - IMPORTANT - Submit your SITEMAP. This utility will enable you to view how visitors landed on your site, what images Google indexed etc.

Step 14 - Setup Google Alerts. - Once a term is typed into the search bar of Google, you will receive an alert as it happens. I have one set up for my name for instance. Each time I am Google'd for reason, they notify me.

Step 15 - This is where the hard work begins. Start building relevant high page rank links to your site and submit to search engines.

Tip : If your want to submit to relevant directories TYPE IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE :
Submit Url "KEYWORD" //where keyword is the keyword of your site.
Example for SEO - I will type :
Submit URL SEO
If you find directories - Only submit to directories with a page rank higher than 3. If you do not know how to check the page rank, install the Google Toolbar and choose enable check page rank when installing it. On every page, the Google toolbar will show you the page rank on the top in your current browser.
Web CEO Used by more than 440,000+ businesses in 124 countries
is a world leading software toolkit for search engine Optimisation and site promotion. Web CEO helps you significantly increase search engine traffic, implement the latest search engine strategies and win by having all SEO tools in one handy suite.
Renier Knoetzen is a local web designer, affiliate marketer, primary school teacher and internet marketer in a small town in the North West Province of South Africa. He provides PC advice, Lichtenburg Web Design and Newsletter management services for the local as well as international clients (when appointed). On you will find all of his freelance work as a web designer.

Website Link :


Attorney Review period for a Conventional Purchase

As with all of our Dream Home articles the scenarios are based off of Illinois law. There will often be small variations from state to state. In “Step Three: Making an Offer” we discussed how to make an offer on your Dream Home. Now that your offer has been accepted and the contract and all riders and addenda have been signed by both parties you have what is now commonly referred to as an Executed Contract. At this point you begin the “Attorney Review.” The next week or so is going to be a busy one.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Promote Your Website on Jasminedirectory.Com

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Have you found the most effective system to promote your website? Well, as you might have understood, having lots of visitors to your website is very important. The number of your website’s visitors usually represents your website popularity.Surely we all know that the website is the most effective media to promote our company product. while one of the ways to promote the website is to submit to web directories. web directory is a collection of websites that are developed based on the category.

Web Directory is a search engine. For example, a web directory contains links to other sites. Which the links are arranged according to categories and subcategories. A web directory will provide the opportunity for website owners to directly register their Internet site in this directory. To generate more visitors to your website, you should promote your website effectively.
There are so many web directories on the internet, some of them have a very broad scope and comprised of many categories and sub categories. And there is also a directory especially on the scope of smaller, usually based on one category. Here is a web directory should have a try :
Offer 3 Service. The first is the business web directory has been done recently on the benefits of submitting to the web directory. The second is the exact search, view today’s lifestyles, finding the time to find the information can be a long time. Thirdly, the editorial expertise to ensure that there is reliable access to current and reliable.
You should also keep in your head and always choose the web directory, has many different resources within a company or units.  Also select the web directory careful because not all provide the exact information. In fact, some of them only provides listings and advertising and promotions. You should also select the directory web sites that carry direct information about your account market. If you have a web directory is, then you should probably get more information visit is free human edited web directory with various categories and Subcategories.  Submission is free, however we may require some specific categories for a reciprocal link.  Web directory of high rank is probably due to more visitors, so the possibility for visitors to link to visit your web page. Although there are many directories are free to choose, you will still have to choose the book most reliable.  If you want to optimize your support, you can also submit your website into open directory like DMOZ.
So if you have a web site, please register your website in your web directory over the web. Choose the appropriate category to your website.Therefore, before you submit your website to certain directory, you should consider their rank, age of the directory, reliability, and web design. Get the best results by submitting into the best directory.So don’t forget join in