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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fragrances Buying Guide on ShopWiki.Com

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Whether you are a man, woman, teenager, or child, fragrances can be a great way to freshen up or enhance your style. We have many guides designed to provide you with in depth information and the latest news on fragrances. Whether you are looking for the latest designer perfumes or an inexpensive, fresh body spray, we have all your needs covered. Get ready to leave a lasting impression with your fragrance.

Everything you wanted to know about women's fragrances. Check out the latest and the classics. Every woman has her signature fragrance but that doesn't necessarily mean that the same perfume  scent needs to be worn every day.  Though life is often full of consistency, scent does not have to be; allowing a different perfume to be worn for every occasion keeps things interesting.  By understanding the five categories of perfume classification, it's easy to match a scent to a personality and preference. 

Men, you may not want to look "pretty", but at least smell good! Cologne  can make or break a man's style. There are plenty of colognes out there that smell divine, but they are usually more expensive. Every man has a different preference in scents, but cologne still makes a great gift, as these preferences can usually be easy to tell by a man's age, style, tastes, etc. We have everything you need to know before choosing a cologne, whether it's for yourself, your sweetheart, your father, or a friend.

Fragrances make a great gift for just about anyone. Fragrances  make great gifts, no matter what the occasion. Whether your looking for a Christmas gift for your husband or a birthday gift for your best friend, these fragrances make excellent gifts. Choosing a fragrance as a gift, however, can be very intimidating. What if this is too strong for her taste? What if this is too flowery for his taste? Although there is no absolute way to know if your fragrance gift will be a hit or miss, we have plenty of tips to increase the odds that your gift will be a smash hit.

Find out more about classic perfumes like the infamous that all. These days, it seems like anyone can make a perfume Nearly every celebrity has their own fragrance  (or fragrance line) on the market. What ever happened to the good old days of Chanel No.5 Don't fear, we have all those oldies but goodies here for those ladies who'd rather have Dior  than Mary Kate and Ashley perfume

Get all your Old Spice and other classics here. Wearing cologne  is a great way to accent any outfit. Classic colognes are perfect for gentlemen who like the tried and true. These scents are timelessly seductive, making your morning (or evening) routine effortless. Choose any of these colognes and you'll be sure to channel vintage cool. What is a classic, you ask? Everyone's opinion of a true "classic" might vary, but the norm is that anything that has genuine appeal and that has lasted more than 10 years is officially a classic. Check out some of these classics.

Check out the best fragrances of 2008. Since the world of fragrance is incredibly vast, a little bit of direction is always useful. Award Winning Fragrance  can be a great place to start. The following guide lists plenty of different scents from many different designers, all of which have been voted the best in a specific category. If these appeal to the pros out there, then they are sure to appeal to you! Try something that you normally wouldn't or stick to a basic with mass appeal. Either way, you are bound to smell amazing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 is the best source for Ecco Mailboxes!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review Of aCheapSeat.Com

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A Cheap Seat is a professional ticket broker with access to many events across the country. We provide you with the hottest deals on premium tickets every day. Browse our ticket inventory and you're bound to save more than just a few bucks! The reason is, we're able to negotiate great prices on many tickets and then we pass those savings on to you. That's why much of our business comes from repeat and referred customers. You would be hard-pressed to find a online ticket company that will gladly help, advise, and provide expertise on your tickets purchase. All that while offering you the lowest possible prices in a nationally competitive environment.

Garth Brooks Tickets

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Get Chemistry Help, Online Chemistry Tutoring

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TutorVista's online Chemistry tutoring is designed to help you get the desired edge in the subject. The advantage of our Chemistry tutoring is that you can connect with a tutor using your PC and get personalized attention and one-on-one tutoring at a fraction of what a learning centre will cost you. Also you don't waste time in travel since you can get Chemistry help from the comfort of home..

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Study with the best online Chemistry tutors

We have Chemistry tutors with many years of experience tutoring students from high school to college and grad school. Whatever your requirements are, the rigor and discipline of the TutorVista tutor certification program will give you all that you want and more in your tutor. Our tutors are familiar with the National and State Standards required across grades in the US.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Misi India Temukan Air di Bulan

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London (ANTARA News) - Misi pertama India ke Bulan telah menemukan bukti mengenai air dalam jumlah yang sangat banyak di permukaannya, demikian laporan harian The Times, Kamis seperti dilaporkan Reuters.

Data dari pesawat antariksa Chandrayaan-1 juga menunjukkan air masih terbentuk di Bulan, kata surat kabar Inggris tersebut.

"Itu sangat memuaskan," kata harian tersebut, yang mengutip Mylswamy Annadurai, direktur proyek misi itu di Organisasi Penelitian Antariksa India di Bangalore.

Surat kabar tersebut melaporkan terobosan dijadwalkan diumumkan oleh Badan Antariksa dan Penerbangan AS, Kamis.

Laman NASA menyatakan lembaga itu berencana menyelenggarakan taklimat buat media pada pukul 14.40 waktu setempat pada 24 September guna "mengungkapkan temuan ilmiah baru mengenai Bulan" dari data yang dikumpulkan selama misi antariksa nasional dan internasional.

Pesawat antariksa tanpa awak milik India diperlengkapi dengan Moon Mineralogy Mapper, milik NASA.(*)

Jalan Kaki 400 KM Demi Raih Hati Mantan Pacar

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Beijing (ANTARA News) - Demi cinta, seorang pria dari kotapraja Chongqing, berjalan lebih dari 400 kilometer ke Chengdu, provinsi Sichuan, dengan harapan dapat menaklukkan hati mantan pacarnya.

Namun apa mau dikata, untung tak dapat diraih, malang tak dapat ditolak! Semua jerih payah sang pemuda berakhir dengan kegagalan, demikian laporan kantor berita resmi China, Xinhua.

Setelah memutuskan hubungan dengan pacarnya sesudah empat tahun menjalin asmara, pemuda itu menyadari ia tak dapat hidup tanpa sang gadis, kata Xinhua.

Dengan tekad bulat, katanya, ia pun mengumumkan bahwa ia akan berjalan kaki untuk menyambangi universitas tempat mantan kekasihnya menimba ilmu di Chengdu untuk kembali merebut hatinya.

Ia sampai di universitas tempat sang gadis belajar setelah menempuh perjalanan selama 15 hari.

Akan tetapi, sang mantan kekasih juga telah mengambil keputusan bahwa ia telah melanjutkan hidupnya tanpa sang pria. (*)

Ilmuwan Temukan Katak Bertaring, Tikus Raksasa

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Ilmuwan Temukan Katak Bertaring, Tikus Raksasa

Beberapa ilmuwan dan pembuat film telah menemukan spesies baru tikus raksasa jauh di pedalaman hutan Papua Nugini bersama dengan hewan lain yang selama ini tak pernah disaksikan.

Tikus berbulu tebal itu, hewan pengerat pemangsa sayuran dengan ukuran yang sangat besar, panjang 82 centimeter dan berat 1,5 kilogram. Ukurannya membuat hewan tersebut termasuk spesies tikus yang paling besar yang diketahui di mana pun di dunia, sebagaimana dikutip dari Xinhuanet-OANA.

Hewan tersebut ditemukan oleh satu tim ekspedisi yang membuat film bagi program BBC "Lost Land of the Volcano".

Namun tikus besar tersebut hanyalah satu dari puluhan hewan baru yang ditemukan di bawah gunung berapi Bosavi. Tim itu juga menemukan sejumlah laba-laba asing dan sebanyak 20 spesies serangga.

"Yang menjadi pusat perhatian meliputi bunglon, satu katak bertaring dan satu jenis ikan yang disebut `Henamo Grunter`. Ikan tersebut diberi nama seperti itu karena makhluk tersebut mengeluarkan suara mendengkur dari kantung udara saat berenang," kata Steve Greenwood, produser serial bagi "Lost Land of the Volcano". Katak bertaring tersebut adalah satu-satunya dari sebanyak 16 katak baru yang ditemukan.

Daerah tempat hewan itu ditemukan sangat tak sulit didatangi dan tim tersebut menghabiskan waktu beberapa pekan untuk mendaki puncak setinggi 2.800 meter dengan bantuan pencari jejak lokal.(*)

Kematian Pertama di AS Akibat Virus West Nile

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San Francisco (ANTARA News) - Seorang perempuan yang berusia 71 tahun diduga menjadi orang pertama di negara bagian Washington, AS, yang meninggal akibat virus West Nile tahun ini, demikian laporan media lokal, Rabu, seperti dilaporkan Xinhua.

Perempuan itu, yang berasal dari kota Sunnyside, meninggal Sabtu lalu, dan suaminya mengatakan beberapa dokter memberi tahu dia bahwa istrinya adalah korban virus West Nile, kata Yakima Herald-Republic, surat kabar negara bagian Washington, dalam satu laporan.

Pemeriksaan awal memperlihatkan perempuan tersebut mungkin telah terinfeksi virus West Nile, tapi beberapa pejabat kesehatan mengatakan banyak contoh telah dikirim ke laboratorium U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dan hasil akhir masih ditunggu.

Jika dikonfirmasi, itu akan menjadi kematian pertama pada manusia akibat virus West Nile di negara bagian Washington dan kesembilan di Amerika Serikat tahun ini.

Keterangan yang disiarkan di laman CDC menyatakan sebanyak delapan orang di engara bagian Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Teksas, dan Wyoming, AS, meninggal akibat virus West Nile sepanjang tahun ini.

Virus West Nile biasanya disebarkan ke manusia oleh nyamuk yang menghisap darah burung yang terinfeksi, dan menimbulkan gejala seperti sakit kepala, demam tinggi, tengkuk kaku, pingsan, pelupa, gemetar, sawan, otot lemah, lumpuh dan koma.

Meskipun virus tersebut takkan membuat sakit sebagian besar orang yang terinfeksi, virus itu dapat mengakibatkan kematian dalam kasus langka, kata beberapa ahli kesehatan.(*)

[HOT] Begini kelakuan cewek2 didalam DISKOTIK [BB+17]

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Ini nih jadinya kalo banyak minum di diskotik, cewek2 itu sering bergaya abis-abisan! ada yg hot lhooo....

yg kiri mirip nirina

Spoiler for ini yg keliatan..:

[must see] Foto proses penangkapan Ular raksasa yang sangat melegenda!!!

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Pernah dengar ular anaconda ? Ular raksasa ini sudah sangat melegenda.Aslinya anaconda hidup di perairan dan rawa-rawa sekitar Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil bagian barat, dan Argentina bagian utara.Di alam liar, makanan mereka berupa Rusa, babi hutan, Burung, binatang air seperti ikan, dll.Ular ini terkenal sangat ganas.Tapi ternyata ada juga yang berani menangkap ular ini di sarangnya,bahkan dengan menggunakan metode yan sangat sederhana.Lihat saja foto proses penangkapan ular itu di sarangnya.

memakai pengaman sebelum melakukan penangkapan

masuk ke sarang anaconda .....

dengan penerangan seadanya menelusuri sarang anaconda

akhirnya ketemu juga dengan sang tuan rumah

siap menerkam siapa saja yang mengganggunya

tangan sebagai umpan untuk menangkap si ular raksasa

yang di luar pun harus ikut membantu

akhirnya anaconda pun berhasil ditangkap

siap dimasak untuk menu lebaran besok

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Indonesia masuk 100 besar negara termiskin di Dunia

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Sorry gan.. newbie kaskuser pengen kasih tau berita buruk nih, kata negara kita masuk "Top 100 countries with the lowest GDP per capita" dengan pendapatan perkapita $3,900
Indonesia berhasil memantapkan posisinya diurutan ke-68

Top 100 countries with the lowest GDP per capita
Country GDP per capita
1 Zimbabwe $200
2 Congo, Democratic Republic of the $300
3 Burundi $400
4 Liberia $500
5 Guinea-Bissau $600
6 Somalia $600
7 Central African Republic $700
8 Eritrea $700
9 Niger $700
10 Sierra Leone $700
11 Afghanistan $800
12 Ethiopia $800
13 Malawi $800
14 Mozambique $900
15 Rwanda $900
16 Togo $900
17 Nepal $1,000
18 Comoros $1,100
19 Guinea $1,100
20 Madagascar $1,100
21 Uganda $1,100
22 Burma $1,200
23 Gambia, The $1,200
24 Mali $1,200
25 Burkina Faso $1,300
26 Haiti $1,400
27 Sao Tome and Principe $1,400
28 Tanzania $1,400
29 Bangladesh $1,500
30 Benin $1,500
31 Ghana $1,500
32 Zambia $1,500
33 Chad $1,600
34 Lesotho $1,600
35 Tuvalu $1,600
36 Cote d'Ivoire $1,700
37 Kenya $1,800
38 Korea, North $1,800
39 Senegal $1,800
40 Tajikistan $1,800
41 Mauritania $1,900
42 Solomon Islands $1,900
43 Cambodia $2,100
44 Laos $2,100
45 Kyrgyzstan $2,200
46 Nigeria $2,200
47 Sudan $2,200
48 Kosovo $2,300
49 Micronesia, Federated States of $2,300
50 Papua New Guinea $2,300
51 Cameroon $2,400
52 Moldova $2,500
53 Timor-Leste $2,500
54 Pakistan $2,600
55 Yemen $2,600
56 Uzbekistan $2,700
57 India $2,900
58 Marshall Islands $2,900
59 Vietnam $2,900
60 Nicaragua $3,000
61 Mongolia $3,300
62 Philippines $3,400
63 Fiji $3,700
64 Honduras $3,700
65 Kiribati $3,700
66 Congo, Republic of the $3,800
67 Djibouti $3,800
68 Indonesia $3,900
69 Guyana $4,000
70 Iraq $4,000
71 Morocco $4,000
72 Cape Verde $4,200
73 Paraguay $4,300
74 Sri Lanka $4,400
75 Tonga $4,400
76 Maldives $4,500
77 Bolivia $4,700
78 Vanuatu $4,700
79 Bhutan $4,800
80 Syria $4,900
81 Georgia $5,000
82 Jordan $5,000
83 Nauru $5,000
84 Samoa $5,000
85 Swaziland $5,100
86 Guatemala $5,400
87 Egypt $5,500
88 Namibia $5,500
89 Turkmenistan $5,800
90 China $6,100
91 Albania $6,400
92 El Salvador $6,400
93 Armenia $6,600
94 Bosnia and Herzegovina $6,600
95 Algeria $7,100
96 Ecuador $7,700
97 Jamaica $7,700
98 Ukraine $7,800
99 Tunisia $8,000
100 Palau $8,100

Ayo rakyat indonesia, jadikan hasil ini sebagai parameter pembangunan kita...

[PIC] Ini Dia! Saingan Gita Gutawa!

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sori gan, gak punya info ttg nih cwek, kalo ada yg tau mohon dishare yah..

langsung aja nih gan

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

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Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar:

Spoiler for gambar: