Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In ShopWiki! Clothing For Man! Part 2

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ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Our wiki buying guides help you decide the best products to buy and where to buy them.

Clothing for Men Buying Guide

Let's be honest, guys. We care about what we look like. But we differ in how much energy we want to put into the whole dressing process. Here are some guides to make getting dressed a little easier and clearer. Need to learn the basics? Consult our Men's Guide To Getting Dressed .

Seasonal Guides

Men's Guide to Holiday Dressing

No we don't mean tossing on that lame Santa Claus tie and calling it a day. We mean putting together a few no-fail looks to get you through your holiday calendar of events (you know the concerts, the cocktail parties, and of course the big New Year's Eve bash).

Top Picks

Here are the basics you should have in your holiday wardrobe:

  1. Tuxedo -- Channel your inner Cary Grant and opt for a traditional single-breasted tuxedo .
  2. Cashmere Sweater -- How about a charcoal grey turtleneck to make you extra cuddly?
  3. Dress Slacks -- Well-fitting charcoal grey pants will get your through many tricky fashion situations.
  4. Blazer -- If your feeling extra festive try a velvet smoking jacket , for a more conservative look, consider a camel blazer .
  5. Crisp White Shirt -- A French-cuffed shirt is a nice idea. Make sure the collar and sleeves fit your body.

Now you know the five things you need for your wardrobe. Below are some simple shopping tips to make your search easier. You may also want to read these general shopping guides before whipping out your gold card: Style Resources for Men and Men's Guide to Getting Dressed .

In ShopWiki! Clothing For Man!

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ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Our wiki buying guides help you decide the best products to buy and where to buy them.

Clothing for Men Buying Guide

Let's be honest, guys. We care about what we look like. But we differ in how much energy we want to put into the whole dressing process. Here are some guides to make getting dressed a little easier and clearer. Need to learn the basics? Consult our Men's Guide To Getting Dressed .

Seasonal Guides

Men's Suits

What's a Suit?

"Ha. That's a silly question. 'What's a suit?' C'mon, it's a suit. A suit , man. Dumb. [pause] So I have these corduroy pants and plaid golf jacket my buddy gave me, if I wore those together--" NO!

  • Suit : Suits are perfectly matching jacket-and-pants combs, worn in professional and formal situations. Really, I can't stress the "perfectly matching" enough. Navy is not navy is not navy in the menacer universe, so don't be caught with a light shade of blue below and a darker shade above. If you want a suit, buy something the store says is a suit and quit the mixing and matching.
  • Blazers & Sports Jackets : A coat different in color from trousers is commonly called a blazer. Blazers , as well as its "hipper" cousin, the sports jacket , are a more casual option. Blazers can be worn with jeans or khakis . Suit jackets shouldn't be worn as a blazer , they should be worn with the suit pants or not at all.
  • The Business/Formal Alternative : Now, certain occasions do allow and even call for a navy blazer with gray pants. This is a good alternative choice for a man interviewing with a company that prescribes to business casual dress.


  • If you are more conservative and don't follow fashion trends, get a classic suit, two or three buttons, single breasted, in grey or navy --the men's version of the "little black dress."
  • Jacket styles can be one , two , three or four buttons. Double-breasted or single . The choice is up to you.
    • A double-breasted suit looks good on an older, heavy-set man.
    • Single-breasted favors the small-chested.
    • A tailor is the only person who will ever judge a man by the size of his chest.
    • If you're looking for something a little trendier, look through men's fashion magazines or and see what designers recognize as being "in" right now.
    • These days the trendiest style in jackets is the single-button suit .
  • Lapels come in two options on suits: notch and peak (shawl collars are only for tuxedos and smoking jackets).
    • Notch lapels are less ostentatious and favored by businessmen.
    • Peak lapels are wider and bolder--not a great choice if you only have one good suit.
  • Vents are tailored into the back of the suit to give men the ability to sit and move around. Never buy a ventless suit . Otherwise there are two choices:
    • Side Vents : two vents evenly spaced out on the jacket's back--tends to be favored by the Italian designers.
    • Single Vent : placed in the center of the jacket's back, the most traditional placement.


  • Cotton and wool are your best bets. Of the wools, worsted is a solid choice. And, among worsted, look at mid-weight, corded wools and gabardine, which was invented by Thomas Burberry in the late-19th Century.
  • As long as you're getting a reliable fabric (worsted), there's no need to purchase a higher-priced option, unless it's the only suit you plan to acquire before the next millennium.
  • Seersucker suits are great for warm climates and summer weddings. Linen suits look great on the hanger but wrinkle in the blink of an eye. Leave these to Tom Wolfe.



  • The key to success is wearing the right size. Most men wear clothing that is too big for them -- either they don't know what size they are, can't figure out international sizes, or the think the baggy look is "in."
  • While pants can be tailored to fit you, little can be done to jackets . A jacket should fit you almost perfectly on first fitting .
  • How to measure (it is best go to a professional get accurate measurements):
    • Chest : Measure around chest. Go just under your arms, across your shoulder blades, and keep you arms relaxed and down at your sides.
    • Coat length : Measure from the highest point of the shoulder down.
    • Inseam : Measure from inside crotch seam to the hem of pants that fit you well, not too long or baggy. It is best, though, to measure this on yourself.
    • Waist : Measure around your natural waistline, which is the point your body creases when bending to one side.
    • Neck : Measure around fullest part of neck.
    • Rise : Measure from the crotch to top of waistband.
    • Sleeve : Measure from center back of neck, over point of shoulder, and down outside of arm past elbow to wrist with arm relaxed at side.
  • Take your measurements and then convert it to manufacturers S, M, L and XL. To find out how men's non-suit apparel is sized click size chart .

Direct TV from

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As the TV in your home? What is the low quality of the video through a cable connection? To find solutions to these problems? Do not worry, this is satellite TV. There are many websites, the TV Directive, the satellite television. If you need a Direct TV provider which offers great Direct TV packages and service, I suggest you to visit This site will help you to find more completely about DirectTV service, since it is an authorized DirectTV dealer. They have product with the good quality and they are offers the different packages to address the different needs of their customer.


They provide you the satellite television service at a cheaper price. The promotions at directsattv are very good if we compare it to other service providers. The unique advantage of directsattv is the customer service it provides.They have a good and innovative tool which provides you with various programs like movies, sports etc. One of the choices you will have when you join the DIRECTV family of TV viewers, is whether or not to receive high definition TV programming. High definition is not for everyone, it is tailored for the TV viewer who is looking for a far more distinct and detailed picture and sound quality when they are viewing TV.

You can have more enjoyable programs with DirecTV without paying for costly cable TV. It is transmitting the programs through the satellite, so bad weather cannot interfere with the signal. You can log on to for complete information about

ADT IS AMERICA'S #1 HOME SECURITY COMPANY (Review of HomeSecurityTeam.Com/Adt)

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ADT monitored security systems protect more than 5 million homes and families, not to mention the 90% of Fortune 500 Companies, U.S. government buildings, and airports that also rely on ADT Systems for their security. Add those numbers to their 130-plus years in the security business, exceptional customer service, and their advanced monitoring equipment, and you will see why ADT is America's #1 home security provider.

FAST RESPONSE - When an alarm in your home is activated, ADT can immediately call the authorities in your area so they can send the proper emergency services to your home.

24-HOUR ADT MONITORING - ADT-trained home security professionals monitor your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from one of 4 interconnected monitoring centers.

EASY-TO-USE HOME SYSTEMS - Your ADT keychain remote lets you arm and disarm your home security system from any room in your house.

LOW MONTHLY FEES - ADT Monitored Security is affordable and can help save you money on your homeowner's insurance.


  1. America's #1 home alarm company, beating the competition hands down!
  2. They've been in business since 1874 drawing on over 130 years of continuous innovation.
  3. With 4 interconnected monitoring centers, ADT provides you with uniterrupted service even in times of crisis.
  4. 24/7 Customer monitoring with their "Always There" network.
  5. ADT has packages around $1 per day, less than a cup of coffee to achieve peace of mind.
  6. ADT was named "Best Buy" by Consumer Digest.

Review of Gold Coins

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Investment in precious metals such as gold and silver is way much better than investing in stocks in my own opinion. Companies may fall or end up bankrupt someday, but gold will never fail you (unless the price of gold drops~ lol).

Be it individuals, families, or institutional investors, anyone interested in preserving wealth and adding growth to their existing portfolio can choose to buy gold as a form of investment.

If you have made a decision to invest in gold, Gold Coins is the website you should visit! Upon entering the site, you can see the wide selection of gold coins. You can buy gold coinsbuy gold bullion.

Hey there's more, Gold Coins enables you to do a gold ira transfer too! To know more about investing in gold, visit Gold Coins now!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Join Course Hero’s Learning Network!

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Course Hero's Our Social Learning Network was built to provide students and key learning partners like professors a platform to share, meet and collaborate while accelerating their comprehension of course-related theories and concepts. We are committed to providing you immediate access to a growing wealth of study materials and an unparalleled academic network of students, professors and other key partners.

Get over 200,000 textbook solutions now!

Having difficulty with your homework and need the solution so that you can accelerate your learning? Don’t be frustrated. Course Hero’s Textbook Solutions gives you solutions submitted by fellow students.

Remember that joining a study group and asking for help by the Course Hero network is only a couple of clicks away.

Meet over 300,000 students and your fellow classmates now!

Want to meet your current classmates or those that took the class last year? Don’t worry or have anxiety. Course Hero’s Study Groups gives you the seamless opportunity to develop both anonymous or direct relationships with those classmates whom you want to meet and get help from right now!

Remember that study groups will be the most helpful when you participate. No question is a bad or stupid question.

Get millions of study materials now!

Need lecture notes for a missed class or want insightful explanation of the theories and concepts you learn in class? Look no further, Course Hero’s Study Materials empowers you to find a broad and deep set of materials that can help you right now!
Remember that joining a study group and asking a question to get direct feedback from fellow students is only a couple of clicks away.

Lighting Fixtures, lights, lamps and Outdoor on Farreys.Com

0 komentar offers hundreds of thousands of lighting fixtures, lights, lamps and outdoor lighting in a wide range of styles and at the lowest prices from dozens of top manufacturers including: Ambience, Fine Art Lamps, Flos, Fontana Arte, George Kovacs, Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, Maxim Lighting, Minka Lavery, Murray Feiss, Quoizel, Sea Gull Lighting and many more. Shop for indoor lights such as chandeliers, accent lamps, bath vanity strips, desk lamps, pendant fixtures, mini-pendants, floor lamps, desk lamps, picture lights, wall mounted sconces, flush and semi-flush ceiling light fixtures, wall mounted fixtures and more. Outdoor lights are also available, including pier mount lanterns, post mount lanterns, flood lights, deck lights, landscape lighting and more. Browse our extensive selection of energy saving lighting for indoor or outdoor applications. Visitors may shop by lighting brand or by lighting application or by style. Our lighting product search tool quickly helps find the perfect lights for your application.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Magic Black Boxes What the Heck is a Video Processor (

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Sometimes the stars align and everything just works. For example, you may tune in to an HDTV broadcast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (which is broadcast as a 1080i signal) with your Samsung CRT HDTV (which displays HDTV signals in a 1080i mode). Well, lucky you the input resolution (the 1080i TV program) and the display resolution (your 1080i CRT TV) match. All is well in the world, and good TV is watched. But what if you had a Sony Grand Wega LCD rear-projection TV?

Those big-screen beauties display HDTV at 720p, not at 1080i! This TV displays HDTV at 720p because the LCD (like the plasma, the DLP, and the LCoS) is a fixed-pixel display. In the case of the Sony Grand Wega, the LCDs that make the display work (see Article 22 for more info) have a resolution of 1386 x 788 pixels roughly equivalent to the 1080 x 720 of 720p HDTV. Well what happens in this case (1080i signal into a 720p display) is that a brainy bundle of chips and software called a scaler or video processor gets involved. A scaler converts one resolution to another, using various mathematical techniques to interpolate what the video signal would look like at a different resolution. Going up or going down? If a scaler is converting a lower resolution to a higher one, the process is called upconversion. The opposite process is called, unsurprisingly, downconversion. Sometimes downconversion is called down-resing because the resolution is moved downward. This term is usually applied in a negative way for example, when an onerous copy-protection system downconverts an HDTV signal to standard-definition simply because you don’t have the right copy-protection software on all your components. The main job of a video-processing system is to up- or downconvert an incoming signal to a different resolution. There are two main benefits of this process for a scaler working with your HDTV:

- Video signals are matched to the best display resolution for a particular model of HDTV, regardless of the signal’s original resolution.

- Standard-definition video signals are upconverted to a higher resolution to look closer to HDTV than standard-definition. Don’t buy anyone’s marketing spiel or sales pitch telling you that his or her scaler will make any TV source into HDTV. Good scalers can produce something very pleasing to the eye, which is close to HDTV. But you can’t create something from nothing real HDTV Video processors may also perform other tasks such as 3:2 pulldown processing (discussed in Article 21), which lets you watch material based on 24-frame-per-second film properly on a 30- or 60- frame-per-second HDTV display. De-interlacing your video The simplest video processors which actually pre-date HDTV are those devices known as line doublers. Line doublers have been used in high-end home theaters for years, in conjunction with fancy (and expensive) front-projection systems. Line doublers are also sometimes called deinterlacers. The job of a line doubler is pretty simple it scales the video by converting an analog (480i) video signal into a progressive scan (480p). By doing this simple trick (effectively a doubling of the scan lines in a CRT TV hence the name), a line doubler greatly smooths out the picture, and reduces the subtle flicker you normally get from an interlaced picture. A line doubler works by saving up both of the fields in an analog TV signal frame, and displaying them twice in a 1⁄30-second time slice. (In analog TV, half of the picture is transmitted every 1⁄60 of a second, which is a field; the whole image is called a frame. Article 21 covers fields and frames.)

You also hear about devices call line quadruplers, which not only deinterlace video, but also interpolate in between the lines, to create a picture that’s the equivalent of 960p (twice the resolution of 480p). Line quadruplers are really high-end devices for use with the most expensive ($40,000 and up) CRT front-projection HDTVs. Getting fancy with scaling The advent of fixed-pixel HDTV displays plasmas, LCDs, DLPs and LCoS created a need for something beyond just a simple line doubler (not that a line doubler is all that simple!). Many fixedpixel displays actually have rather funky native resolutions that require all incoming video signals to be scaled. doesn’t have a native resolution of exactly 720p (1280 x 720 pixels); it actually has a resolution of 1386 x 788: Every signal, even 720p signals, must be converted to the higher resolution! This demand has led to the development of scalers that convert any incoming video signal (well, any standard incoming video signal) into a specified output resolution. Choosing Scalers We don’t want to make you think about scalers too much. If your HDTV needs a scaler to operate (and most need at least a deinterlacer/ line doubler), then it already has one built in. Let’s repeat that: If your HDTV needs a scaler, that scaler should be in there already. You don’t need to spend even more money! There are, however, some limitations to internal scalers. Sometimes an external scaler offers advantages. Here are three scenarios that may call for an external scaler:

- Some HDTVs have internal scalers that accept signals of only certain resolutions. For example, some HDTVs may accept only 480i, 480p and 1080i inputs. If your external HDTV tuner puts out only a 720p signal (admittedly rare), you’re out of luck.

- Some HDTVs (CRT tube-based TVs, either direct-view or projection systems, usually) contain an internal scanner that deinterlaces analog video sources (that is, converts 480i to 480p) but doesn’t upconvert analog signals to a higher resolution. There’s nothing wrong with this 480p will probably look better than analog’s ever looked! but the picture won’t be using the full capacity of your HDTV.

- You may just be a person who wants the best! The scalers built into most HDTVs are good enough for most owners. But, if you demand those last few percentage points of picture perfection from your system, you may want a fancier external scaler. Just to give you an idea of what an external scaler is all about, we mention a popular (and well-reviewed) model: the DVDO iScan HD. This scaler (which retails for $1,499) can convert any incoming video signal to any resolution between 480p and 1080p (yes, we said, 1080p that is one of the 18 ATSC standards, but it isn’t commonly used because almost no HDTVs can display that high a resolution). And, if your display has a funky native resolution, that’s no problem the iScan HD can be programmed for custom resolutions, too! The iScan HD also does a bunch of other cool stuff, too:

- It acts as a video-switching hub, so you can run all of your source devices through it. (See Article 19 for more on video switching.)

- It switches and routes analog and digital audio signals as well.

- It has a special circuit “Precision AV LipSync” that makes sure your video and audio are perfectly matched up even if the original broadcast isn’t! No more movies that look like poorly dubbed Kung Fu flicks.

- It includes a computer interface, so you can download software upgrades over the Internet to keep your iScan HD up to date. You can find out more about the iScan HD at the following URL: ishd.html