Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
DVD Excslusive
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

Kumpulan software premium dan terbaik dikelasnya..
Isi 8 DVD + Paket Tutorials

Making and recording music is a fun and rewarding experience. The only prerequisites to this tutorial are having a computer and and the willingness to learn. You don't even have to know how to read or play an instrument, most hit producers and film composers don't even know music theory.

Guitar, Beat, Drum, Bass, Synth, Effect, Complete Guitar Effect
All Amplifier, Sound Effect, Mixer, Orchestra, All About Music

More 10 Deluxe Audio Software ($800+)

@ Integral Studio Pack Deluxe Pro
@ MOTU Digital Performer
@ Native Instruments New 2015
@ VirtualDJ Pro New 2015
@ IK Multimedia AmpliTube, Delay and Guitar Rig 5 Pro
@ Guitar Pro, Percussions, Machine Metal, Deluxe Rock Distortion
and many more...

Sunday, June 6, 2010 complete solution to your work place

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