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Friday, August 21, 2009

The 15 "Los Alamos Lab" the various virus kill!

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Jakarta - The existence of the bird flu strain samples in the laboratory a weapons under the department of energy, the United States, quite surprising and raises a lot of speculation. Until now, there has been no official explanation of why the WHO sample bird flu virus strain in Indonesia have biological weapons laboratory in New Mexico, United States (U.S.).
Indonesia send 58 virus to collabrating center (central reference) for the purposes of WHO only positive confirmation of death of the victim.
Indeed, the website of the official institutions of this research mentioned that the Los Alamos just released some data sequencing Indonesia strain of H5N1 virus with the H5N1 virus from all other world. Virus sequencing data that Los Alamos can be obtained from anywhere without having to have the virus. DIndonesia Ministry of Health to open their own sequencing data sample bird flu in the genom of the Bank, for the sake of science.
However, the term used by the realease laboratory is more data to prove that the sequencing is a direct result of research on the H5N1 virus in the laboratory to the creator of atomic bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war, 1945.
. The existence of the virus in the Los Alamos is the official one in the WHO headquarters in Geneva the ax. "We confess there evil people in the WHO, and we have to fired," said WHO Director-General Margareth Chan to the Minister of Health Affairs, in Geneva some time ago.

One part of a controversy in the book "Time Changed The World! Back Hand of God in the Bird Flu Virus" any posts Minister of health Siti Fadilah Supari is accuse the WHO and the U.S. conspiracy. VH5N1 virus strain of a more violent type suspected biological weapons made by the U.S..

In 182 page book that was published on 6 February 2008, Minister of health written allegations concerning the making of biological weapons by the U.S. sub-chapter in the mystery Los Alamos on page 16.

Allegations that appear when Siti read in the news daily The Straits Times Singapore edition dated 27 May 2006 in an article entitled "The scientists split over sharing of H5N1 data".

He knows why scientists in the world do not all develop bird flu vaccine. "In fact, scientists in the world can not all access H5N1 DNA sequencing data that are stored in the WHO Colaborate Center (CC)," said Siti.

In the article also mentioned that, either how, the data stored WHO CC was stored at Los Alamos, even virus seed, of the vaccine. "During this sequencing data tell us that H5N1 to WHO CC is only occupied by a scientist-scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, U.S.," said Siti.

The surprising fact of the Menkes, "Because the Los Alamos laboratory in the U.S. under the ministry of energy. In the laboratory this is the place of design atom bomb to bomb Hiroshima in 1945. This place seems to laboratory research and making of chemical weapons in the U.S.. How awful," write Siti.

Up information that, Siti confess trying to open access for everyone to be able to obtain the DNA sequencing of H5N1 Indonesia strain. After the meeting the experts, decided mentransparankan Indonesia akan DNA sequencing data for the H5N1 virus the development of science not to be monopolized by a group of scientists only.

"And on 8 August 2006, Indonesia recorded the history of the virus teansparency data that are currently the world, ie, in a way to send data that was stored in the WHO, also sent to the Gene Bank," said Siti.

The action was brave, Siti go, of course, get the appreciation of the outstanding scientists of the world because it works through a closed system for tens of years to be open.

Here, about 63 years ago, the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima designed. Here also, now, a mystery virus samples from entire world, is saved. . That is the mystery woman who demolished called Siti Fadilah Supari.

During tens of years, if the World Health Organization (WHO) to receive sample viruses from around the world, its sequencing data are stored here. D Laboratory under the U.S. government, under the Ministry of Energy.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, the name. Until disclosed, none of the world who know the mystery of Los Alamos.
Data and DNA virus that received a single researchers right Los Alamos. T No one is to know, like the sample, including sample bird flu virus (H5N1). Making a vaccine or even chemical weapons.

Siti Fadilah protests culminate in the closing of Los Alamos. The researchers and the data transferred to the Pentagon sequencing. Can be, 58 seed virus from the virus strian Indonesia, now in the Pentagon.

Siti Fadilah need not disappointed. Perjuangannya matter of H5N1 virus produce results. SCouncil of the World Health Assembly (Wha), the highest policy body of the WHO, years ago to approve Resolution WHA60.28. Basically, the international will make virus sharing mechanism to create a fair and transparent.

With that resolution, agreed to change the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN) during the 60 years is not transparent and fair. Now, the country of origin of virus highly valued. One of them, with the completion standards and conditions of sharing viruses between countries of origin with the WHO Collaboration Center (WHOCC).

WHO paradigm change is usually impossible happen. However, Siti Fadilah guard is in the forefront of the fight the justice it. He, with a strong bargaining position, stop sending H5N1 samples to WHO.

"I do not want to because it is very old mechanism eksplotatif and kolonialistik. They force us to provide goods for free. Goods that they are not modified and we reserve the right at all over the vaccine. Imagine, it's going for almost 60 years, "said Minister of health.

. Siti Fadilah peak struggle when he was invited to speak at the WHO assembly in Geneva, November 2007. . At that time, Menkes explicitly requested the WHO no longer be a man of state industry.

"I say, WHO should not be hand foot country who want to colonize other nations. Do not also be kolonialis hands and feet imperialistik. . I provide evidence that the H5NI virus that is sent to the WHO, is really commercial purpose. Indonesia how demanding it be replaced with a new mechanism for a fair and equitable, "he said.

March, Siti Fadilah prepared to go to the WHO headquarters in Geneva. . This time, he does not need to bother defend the rights of the nation. . Indonesia and the rights of all people.

An honor given to the WHO Indonesia. New mechanism that will be inaugurated on court in March 2008. And in the new mechanism, the thoughts and desires is bad.

Siti Fadilah remain humble to the success. He was not disappointed even though this does not get a proper appreciation of fellow children of the nation itself. No rousing cheers when meeting with fellow members of Indonesia Bersatu Cabinet, for example, in the council cabinet. Unless, of sincere congratulation from the Minister of State for Women's Empowerment, Meutia Hatta.

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