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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Picture 15 Photos Cool Independence yesterday

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This photos Cool Independence yesterday
hopefully this can make us more of the country we love INDONESIA
15 of them have this picture mother photo competition lho laughing and crying, try to see it.
there are also breaking records, you sure do know (usually see cheek) and many more photos of independence day is cool ...
Photo 1 & 2: The Independence Break The Record

Deploy divers in the sea following the ceremony down to the HUT Kemerdekaan RI-64 in the water a successful world record-breaking Guinness World Record with the number of divers as 2486 people, in Malalayang Beach, Manado, on Monday (17 / 8). Dive starts around 10:00 and lasted for about 30 minutes on the depth of about 10 - 20 meters. The record dive with the most participants held previously Maldives with the number of 958 divers in 1997.

Foto 3: Rise the red and white

Students wave flags in front of the statue of Soekarno, after the flag Independence ceremony to RI-64 in the Proclamation Tugu, Jakarta, Senin

Photo 4: Race crawl

The mother of Rantauan East 1 Street, Chennai, compete with dot crawl and suck up to enliven HUT Kemerdekaan RI-64, Monday (17 / 8). Various competitions held to enliven the city's HUT.

Photo 5: Race and weeping laugh

Endang Mardiana (55) split-sides in the competition before the audience laughing and crying furrow Kelurahan performed Mayor Jalan Tanjung Raya 2, Monday (17 / 8). K. Activities to enliven HUT Kemerdekaan RI-64 is intended to deliver for citizens tired.

Photo 6: Anniversary Ceremony of independence

A number of students with the background plane, Air Line Seulawah RI at 001 to give homage Bunting Red and White in seconds warning HUT RI Ke-64 in the Field Blangpadang, Banda Aceh, Monday (17 / 8)

Photo 7: The Foreign occupation

Activists who joined in the People's Democracy Benteng peaceful action to commemorate the independence of RI-64 in front of the former DPP PDI office in Menteng, Jakarta, Senin (17 / 8). In their they install baliho giant that describes the current condition of Indonesia, which is easily arranged by the foreign party.

Photo 8: War Veteran

Students Combatants veteran of the Independence of Indonesia after the ceremony I flag of independence to 64-RI Proclamation in Tugu, Jakarta, Senin (17 / 8). Mantan Kepala Staf Angkatan Darat Jenderal TNI (Purn) Tyasno Sudarto menjadi inspektur upacara. Former Head of Staff General TNI Angkatan Darat (Purn) Tyasno Sudarto inspectors into the ceremony.

Photos 9 & 10: sit at the Merdeka Palace Regions

TNI members on guard along Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, during a ceremony Warning Detik-Detik Proclamation Independence of RI-64 to the Merdeka Palace, on Monday (17 / 8). Security against the president have information diperketat after terrorist attack will do.

Photo 11: HUT RI Lumpur for Victims

Hundreds of victims of Lapindo Sidoarjo mud following the Independence Day ceremony to RI-64 West Siring in the area, Sidoarjo, put the mask image Aburizal Bakrie, on Monday (17 / 8). Although the situation with sober solemn ceremony took place.

Photo 12: Football Happy

Blind person a scramble the ball with the other football is happy to use blinkers on the HUT Ke-64 Kemerdekaan RI Soccer Field in Lam Ara, District Banda Raya, Banda Aceh, Monday (17 / 8). RI Anniversary celebration gala held at a number of areas in Aceh.

Photo 13: Get Red and White Flag!

Participants climb successfully reach pinang red and white flag on the race climb pinang HUT Ke-64 Kemerdekaan RI in Meunasah Krueng village, Kecamatan Ingin Jaya, Aceh Besar, on Monday (17 / 8). Anniversary celebration gala held at a number of areas in Aceh.

Photo 14: Red and White in the Top Lumpur Lapindo

One resident observed that there is still a flag on the Lapindo mud flood drown settlements in the area Siring, Porong, Sidoarjo, on Monday (17 / 8)

Photo 15: Fun of August

Village residents Sadeng, District Gunungpati, Semarang, Central Java berbaur in the HUT RI Ke-64 with a carnival around the village, on Monday (17 / 8). The value of nationalism that they are simple to achieve a variety of attributes when the day of independence.

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