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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

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Friday, August 14, 2009

[HOT] Site Publish Letters Noordin M Top

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Site Publish Letters Noordin M Top - Site with a published a letter which claimed as a letter sent by someone called Noordin M Top. The contents of the letter states that, a terrorist who died in Temanggung is Ibrohim aka Boim.

Here are the contents of the more successful in the capture wandi news blog from the original site with a

The authenticity of the letter that claimed to come from Noordin M Top is not proved correct, because letters named all about something that could be more excited contrived for the popularity of a site in the virtual media

Currently circulating on the internet from the official statement Noordin M Top of the bombardment in the Ritz-Calrton, but their accuracy has not been clear. Following statement is:

This is the official description of Tandzim Al Qo'idah Indonesia to Islam with the human Amaliyat Jihadiyah Istisyhadiyah Hotel in Rizt Calrton Jakarta, on Friday morning, on 17 July 2009 M./24 Rojab 1430 H. conducted by one of ikhwah mujahidin against lacquey-American stooge who came in the hotel.

Indeed, God present to us the way to attack Luxurious Hotel owned by United States in the capital city of Indonesia in Jakarta, namely Rizt Calrton. Which is a security guard and there really is very tight to be able to attack like we do at this time.

The goals that we want from amaliyat this is:

1. Qishoh (a retaliation in kind) for the deeds done by the United States and his ally against our brother Muslims and mujahidin in the world

2. Destroy their power in this country, which they adalan thief and plunderer valuables Muslims in this country

3. Remove them from the lands of Muslims, Particularly from Indonesia

4. A lesson for humanity Islam akan fact Wala '(Loyalty), and Baro' (hostility), the arrival especially Manchester United's club to the hotel. The players that consists of salibis. But this is not worth the human and respect give Wala'nya to the enemies of God

5. Amaliyat Istisyhadiyah this as a High and a heart medicine that terdholimi Muslims and tortured all over the world.

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