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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION
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Paket Premium "Bikin Studio Band di Rumah" COMPLETE EDITION

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hat Reggae Jamaica and Guitar champion Surip offer 1 Billion

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Besides reggae hat, Surip's leader has long shirt and trousers and multicolored Spanish guitar. Attribute is present on the rich to collected. Say, there are interested to buy the value Rp1 billion. Bos Arion Group, Murphy Hutagalung, who have the need to include objects have residual Surip is deceased leader. He said trinkets champion Surip become part of music history in the country.

"Widgets that can witness that history in this country was born of a great artist, but still sketchy. Therefore, I am interested mengkoleksinya, "he said, last night.

Chairman of the Board of Public Leaders Center Land Transport Entrepreneurs Organization (DPP Organda) states is a matter of price can be negosiate with the heirs.

"More good if the government collected, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism," the nature and properties of public transport.

"Especially the color hat spun, the reggae. Many of my friends who is also a businessman, interested in buying. In fact, the price is also okay semiliar, while laughing ha, ha, ha ... I'm interested also, but not the expensive-expensive, "said the owner of Maxima, the last incentive to produce films in wide screen.

HELP FAMILY deceased

Other Rich People is tycoon Edy, a number of contractors on major projects department. He said interested to buy the collection. "What is more important is the purchase of the deceased to help the family," his blazing.

Edy tycoon also known as General Chairman of Laskar Merah Putih, who is familiar with the adult Manohara, beautiful models, it said, families should be assisted due to the deceased leader Surip during this strugle so big in the dynamics of culture in the country. "I'd like a champion attributes Surip . Musti concerning price negotiations, "he said.

About widgets always be Surip champion, representing the family, Almunir Rakhmat, bring a hat reggae champion Surip have 8 units, T-shirts line, green shoes, cowboy two pairs and two pairs of shoes and two other guitar.

"Family is still saving. We do not think will be saved or go to the block. . We are still very sorrow after pullout departed, "explained Almunir from Surabaya's Community.

Surip champion artists who pull more votes in the peak of glory, on Tuesday (4 / 8), died suddenly at home in the friendly, Mamiek Prakoso, comedians, Kelurahan Makassar, East Jakarta.

Surip champion remains buried in accordance with wasiatnya, at the Complex Theater Workshop Padepokan Depok, West Java, owned by WAS Rendra artists. Before buried, daughter's wedding took place on the Jasad the longitudinal rigid.


I Other information obtained from the producers or publishers songs champion Surip, PT Falcon Record. . Side, will try to ask the phone service provider to accelerate royalty payments is not a song pickaback.

"We see the enforcement community, so we will strive to the organizers, namely mobile phone operator," said Adit obe PT Falcon.

Royalty payment is not related song pickaback sold in the form of a ring back tone (RBT) or ringing call time on the mobile operator customers concerned. Many people predict, from the royalties, the leader Surip lot of money. The phenomenon that is still a mystery because the leader's daily life still poor.

Where only stay at his friend's home, in the Artists Village tenement Cipayung, East Jakarta, or too often lodged in Gelanggang Adolescent Bulungan, Jakarta Selatan (Post City, 5 / 8).

According to the Adit obe, actual royalty payments such as this have already the rule, for example every month. Given this problem and become a talking mencuat community, PT Falcon will be faster to melted.

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